Importance Of PHP Mailer

PHP mailer is a classic email sending library for the PHP developers, where it supports the several ways of sending the email messages such as qmail, sendmail, direct mail dispatch to SMTP servers and mail(). In addition to this PHP mailer also provides the list of advanced features like. 

  • SMTP authentication
  • MIME encryption/secure transfer of message
  • Supports the SSL and TSL protocols
  • It sends the HTML contents along with the plain text 
  • It supports embedding the images with the mail
  • It supports binary, multiple fs and string attachments 

When it comes to adding the functionality of email to your PHP application, then the PHP mailer class is the winning option to choose. This is because the mailer class is compatible with most of the PHP frameworks (Symfony and Laravel which are based on the swiftmailer library function though but these are still possible to be used in the PHP mailer). In general PHP mailer provides the user a powerful functionality to create the HTML emails with the attachments and these mails can be sending to multiple recipients through local or SMTP webserver. In order to send emails with SMTP you need to buy PHP mailers from authority sources, install the application and configure the SMTP settings first in your PC. 

How to install the PHP mailer in your PC

Upto version 5 the PHP mailer was providing the PHP mailerautoload.php file where this file contains all the necessary include scripts for creating the PHP mailer. After the development and release of the PHP mailer 6 you can install the PHP mailed preferably through the composer which is a dependency manager for the PHP. Once if you completed installing the composer then you need to add the line to your composer.json file. The PHP mailer perhaps found to be the most popular open source PHP library for sending the emails. This was initially released in the year of 2001, then it turn into a PHP developer’s preferred choice and best way for sending the emails properly aside from few other fans that use the swiftmailer for sending the emails. 

The PHP is a popular and great mail sending library function for PHP and it supports mail sending facility through SMTP Simple mail transfer protocol) or mail() function. This library function simplifies the complicated process of building the PHP mail by providing the set of functions to create and send the email to PHP developers. Installing PHP mailer into your PC is an easy and simple process especially if you are having the composer installed in your system. If you are using the hostinger then you don’t need to be worry about because this application comes with pre-installed hosting plans. For installing the PHP mailer you need to follow the below steps carefully and they are, 

  • First download and install the putty SSH client
  • Go to your hostinger panel dashboard find and click the SSH access which will be available in the advanced section
  • Take a note of the SSH access details where you will be requiring the SSH port, user name, password and SSH IP address. 
  • Then press unlock option and a command box will appear and here you type your SSH username and password then press enter. Now you can make use of the PHP mailer for sending the mail to the PHP developers

Advantages of using the PHP mailer

The main reason for using the PHP mailer is, it is simple mail that relies on the server email subsystem to work and when you want to make some settings like the authentication parameters, SMTP servers then you need to do it on the system wide. If you are not an owner of the dedicated server then it becomes quite complicated one for performing the operation. But with the help of the PHP mailer you can make it easy to change any parameter dynamically right in your PHP script codes. In case, if the email is not send to the recipient then PHP mailer will be printing the error messages in more than 40 languages where by this you can understand that the message is not transferred properly to the receiver.